Time to really start pretending I’m a gear head. Hey, fake it till you make it right?

There are some interesting quirks going on with the way Mongoose is starting up and idling, so I think my starting point is to open up the carburetor and make sure there isn’t any funny business going on in there.

It crossed my mind to just jump in there and see if I can do it by instinct alone (I’ve never actually removed/opened/cleaned a carb), but am glad I decided to play it a bit more on the sane side. Waited a few more days until my Hanes manual arrived. Glad too, because I didn’t know step one is taking the gas tank off (which apparently is SUPER easy to do).  After that it’s just disconnecting the clamps for all connections and disconnecting the throttle.

Hello Throttle

Hello Throttle


Behold, the Carburetor

That's a four carb

So this is where I put the camera down and just step by step walk through opening each bowl, blowing out all the floats, needles and what not. I’m glad I did too, because I found this in lucky number 4:

repaired fload arm

It looks like a chocolate poo in the picture, but it was someone’s attempt at repair. Ok, it wasn’t half bad, but definitely no long term solution. The support arm holding the float was completely broken off (you can see a crack in the other one). This appoxy type gunk was holding it together, but the gas had made it super pliable so the whole float was at a crooked angle, probably not the most efficient way to work.

Pod air filters

My solution to this… steal the other carburetor from Gray (that thing is going to be pretty bare bones when I’m done). Opened up and cleaned that one out too.

When putting everything back, it had these pod air filters, which will look cool once I Cafe up the other bike, but in the spirit of original I went with putting back the original air box.

Next steps

I can’t say that solved all the problems. It still has a fuel flow problem, and a warm run idle issue. I’ve got some ideas to work my way through that, but heck, at least now I can say I know my way around the inside of a carburetor. Yay learning through experience!

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  1. Mum says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you had a passionate mechanic in ya. These motorcycles are bringing out a side of you that is pretty cool….

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