Just to catch up to where I’m at, there were a hand full of littler things to do “out of the box.” Here’s the short version:

Some of these were to get it running (switch), some were to get it street legal (tail light), and some because they were quick little things to get done.

I’ll admit, it did take me a few tries at the blinker wiring. Something was grounding out so I got them all working, but they’d stay solid, not really how a blinker should work. Disconnecting and reconnecting front and back enough I finally got that one sorted out.

None of this stuff is all that complicated. Anyone with a wrench and patience could figure it out, so that’s obviously where I start! After a trip to DMV for the title transfer and new plate tags, plus a call to set up insurance and Mongoose and I are riding!

Next up is getting some kinks worked out. She’s running, but a few problems that will require a bit more tinkering and going a bit deeper!

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