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Obviously Waxball isn’t really a constantly updated, every aspect of my life is documented, type of a blog.  However, Waxball has always been a place for me to chronicle whatever type of place I’m in these days, whether that be cross-country or on a random internet find roll.

Well I’m on a new bent. I bought myself a motorcycle (well, two actually) and as those who know me, it’s all I talk about these days. I’ve been wanting a motorcycle for a while now, but have been siting on the side line waiting for finances and the right bike to align. It happened, after a lot of on and off Craigslist surfing the right situation showed itself and I jumped on it (seriously, called the guy a bunch till I could go see them and then took them home that night).

Two Honda CB 400 Fours

One a 1977 the other a ’75 (I’m told, but I’m thinking it’s a ’77 as well, more as that unfolds later).

Got them home (and had a beer to celebrate)

Got them home (and had a beer to celebrate)

Here’s the honesty part, I’m not a gear head. I can look at an engine and tell you what most of the parts do. I’ve replaced the odd part in a car or truck and I can change my own oil, but that’s about it. But as I stood there looking at these bikes, one kind of running (the ignition switch decided to act funny when I was riding it around the cull de sac) and the other completely out of commission, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting myself into. but I truthfully think I was ready for a challenge, and I just couldn’t pass this up!

So you’re saying, that’s cool, random waxball post about your awkward excitement for your bikes, but what does this mean? Well, yes, it is that, but I’m also inspired to track where I go with this. Call it a bit of journaling, call it a temporary place for a build thread (a thing some motorcycle and car people do, like this local dude that I stumbled on and got a bit inspired by), but I want to be able to look back and see where this started, and hopefully where it will be going.

This is just the start. I’ve had the bikes for about 3 weeks now and have already futzed around and learned some things about them. Working on catch up posts as I speak, so keep an eye out!

My babies

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