As most people who have talked to me about this trip know, I didn’t have a whole lot of plans going into this thing besides the direction of east. And how my mind anticipated the completion of that goal? The Atlantic.

Well today was the day. I cut across Georgia today, arriving in Savanna. Savannah isn’t quite on the ocean, but close. I did a bit of the touristy walk around historic downtown, but my heart wasn’t really in it, I was overlooking the Savannah river (Georgia / South Carolina border), and decided I needed to get as far east as possible. Spotty thunder storms were rolling in, it was getting later in the evening, and I had no idea where I was going to sleep. But I didn’t care, Atlantic is what I needed.


I headed to Tybee island (about 20-30 min out of Savannah) and found it, the Atlantic ocean.


I hung out in the drizzling rain on the beach for a bit (with all the Georgia surfers).

I felt good, but two things were bugging me. First, not knowing where I was going to crash for the night (starting to get more and more used to that feeling though). And second, a feeling of, well, now what? Was that it? Do I need to do more or can I magically be back home now? (Unfortunately it’s never going to work that way).

Well I can solve problem one, I found a (slightly overpriced) camping place.

I needed to walk, I walked out to the lighthouse and found my way to the beach again.


I’m glad I did. It was about 8 o’clock, not very many people around, and I realized I hadn’t actually touched the water yet. (The Oregon boy is trained that rain and ocean means cold.)


Standing in the warm Georgia Atlantic, I felt good, I felt like this is what I needed, this was more or less the goal, and I felt relief that I didn’t do an (anticipated) 7-8 thousand mile road trip to not find this.


I still have a few more days before the “turn around and book it home” time, so I still plan on heading south to Florida, but this is really the pivotal point in my book. Thanks Tybee.

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  1. Dadeo and Mum says:

    YES! ..going with the flow .. coast to coast..
    Passing armadillos and hurricanes and no doubt lots lots more sights
    across the wide USA..
    Nice to see ‘your’ feet in the Atlantic.
    Enjoy your time on the warm east coast.
    “the force with this one is strong”(Yoda quote you know :)

  2. Dadeo and Mum says:

    OH YEA the sun rose this morning thought of you being able to see the sun come up out of the ocean.. the moon too;probably in the day though…thats different ‘eh …
    (if the clouds let ya that is)
    … on you will roll :)

  3. Akasha says:

    happy time!

  4. Akasha says:

    happy for you!

  5. Tracy says:

    Alright riding mighty fine now.. I don’t think I have ever put my feet in that ocean, come to think of it..I just put my feet in the Columbia for the first time this year, so never to old for the new experience…
    Just be sure to have cover with all the stormy weather over there..

    I am mighty impressed with what you are doing…and enjoy reading your adventure..
    lots of love, T

  6. Tracy says:

    I just remembered Mirya lives in Florida, if you want her address let me know, they just got a new to them house…
    love t

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