Well, just a hop, skip, and a whole lot of driving and I’m back. I’ll figure out something to do with my pictures (working on it), but figured I should do some type of, ohh yeah, by the way, the trip was pretty cool post.

Since the last post, I did manage to get down to Florida. I kept it quick, saw some cool forests, snakes, big ass spiders, and yes, an alligator.

20120909-232643.jpg(these two are up in northern Florida)

However, after checking out the Everglades, the blood sucking Mosquitos ran me out of there. They were quite a motivator, but I’ll admit, the idea of northern climate and heading home were definitely getting appealing, so I pulled some long days of driving to get back a bit early.

Not saying I didn’t have some more experiences along the way:

I saw the Blind Boys of Alabama for free in the park in Nashville

I felt all American in South Dakota

And I saw Old Faithful (and other, just as awesome geysers and springs) in Yellowstone


Well, 8,679 miles and three weeks later, I found my way home. I had some good experiences and road time to think. So, all in all I’m certainly glad I did this trip!

For those into seeing a lot more pictures I’ll post up again with probably more than even you’ll want to see!

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